(Bellows Falls VT) The finale of the 2017 Southern Vermont Idol singing competition was held on Friday, August 4 , on the mainstage of the Bellows Falls Opera House in Bellows Falls, Vermont.

Youth contestants won trophies and cash prizes. Lanie Goodwin was first, Marlin Hubbard second, Anthony Mitchell third, Erlianyss Aviles fourth and Ezra Holloway fifth.

The top ten adult contestants – Zac Binney, Jaia Caron, Jennifer Cowdrey, Josh Delaney, Jamie Denno, Amber DiBona, Lara Germana, Mackenzie Hall, Allie McGahie and Sonya Robison –
performed a song of their choice, after which the audience and judges votes were tallied to determine the top six who would go on to perform a Broadway song. Finalists were Zac Binney, Jaia Caron, Josh Delaney, Lara Germana, Mackenzie Hall and Allie McGahie

The grand prize went to Allie McGahie, who received $1500 and a full-day recording session at Guilford Sound, a professional recording studio in the foothills of Vermont’s Green Mountains. Second prize of $750 went to Zac Binney. The $500 third prize was awarded to Mackenzie Hall. Fourth prize of $250 was won by Lara Germana. The $150 fifth place was awarded to Josh Delaney, and sixth place of $100 went to Jaia Caron.

Donations of personal hygiene items, socks, peanut butter/jam and other food staples were accepted on behalf of Our Place Drop-In Center.

Sponsors were Bellows Falls Country Club, Charlesworks, Chroma Technologies, Dari Joy, Durand Toyota, Engrave-It, FACT TV, Gem Graphics, Gem Starz, Guilford Sound, Halladay’s, Rockingham Arts and Museum Project and SepticPro. All Idol contestants are defined as amateurs, a performer who engages in singing occasionally, paid or unpaid, rather than as a sole profession.

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